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Stoller Cucumber Solutions


A high-yielding crop needs a season-long nutritional plan. Scroll down to discover what Stoller can do on cucumbers.

Stoller Cucumber Program 







Stoller Products

  • Enhances emergence  
  • Boosts root growth and plant vigor
  • Improves plant health and physiology
  • Maximizes yield potential and quality 

  • Convenient dry formulation
  • Optimizes conditions for efficient use of fertilizers applied to the soil
  • Supports uniform establishment of crops grown from seed or transplants
  • Provides nutritional support for vigorous root development
  • Provides nutritional support for increased yield and plant health

  • Increases bools per plant
  • Crucial for vegetative growth, reproductive development, and abiotic mitigation

  • Available source of calcium and boron
  • Provides nutritional support for structural strength and plant health 


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