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A high-yielding crop needs a season-long plan. Scroll down to discover what Stoller can do for rice.


Program Benefits

  • Fast, even emergence
  • Vigorous root system
  • Increased tillering
  • Increased number of developed grains
  • Higher test weight and yield
  • Higher ROI





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Stoller Products

Bio-Forge® Advanced-blue
  • Fends off yield-robbing abiotic stress
  • Facilitates recovery from injury
  • Research and field-proven positive yield response

  • EPA-Registered yield enhancer
  • Enhances emergence
  • Boosts root growth
  • Boosts plant vigor
  • Helps maximize yield potential
  • Tank-mix compatible with most crop protectants
Stimulate Plus Seed Germ - Blue

X-Cyte - blue
  • Increases stalk strength
  • Crucial for vegetative growth, reproductive development, and abiotic mitigation 

  • Provides essential minerals
  • Stops late-season yield loss
  • Balances late-season P:K demand
  • Nutritionally supports larger root crop bulking
  • Tank-mix compatible with most fertilizers and crop protectants.
Sugar Power - Blue